Heated Indoor Stalls

Our indoor board is offered for the winter months ONLY and includes blanketing and grain feeding. Our stalls are a spacious 12 X 12 with daily group or individual turnout at 7:30 am and turn in at 4:30 pm

We offer blanketing service which is included with the stall rate as well as a once a day grain feeding. Owners must provide their own grain and blankets!

All stalls are cleaned and rebedded with wood shavings daily. As well as each stall has 2 water buckets.

All stall horses go out at 7:30 in the morning and come back in at 4:30 where they will receive their grain and hay. At night check we feed more hay for the evening and do a light poop pick of the stalls!

Rate: $845/MONTH + GST
Spots currently available: 0

Paddock Board

Our paddocks range in size from a spacious individual paddock to a large multi horse paddock. All paddocks have heated automatic waterers that are cleaned every week, large shelters and netted round bales with top quality grass hay!

We offer both blanketing service and once a day grain feeding for a extra cost of $50/month each to our paddock boarders.

Attached to each paddock are grazing fields that the horses can go out on during the summer for a max of 8-10 hours per day.

Our paddocks are consistently kept clean throughout the year and our fencing is electrified rope.

Rate: $655/MONTH + GST
Spots currently available: 0

Pasture Board

Our pasture board consists of 2 larger paddocks with access to large grass fields. Each pasture provides 24/7 netted round bales, heated automatic waterers, and multiple shelters.

We do not offer any extra services for pasture boarders.

Rate: $500/MONTH + GST
Spots currently available: 0

Paddock Paradise

Our paddock paradise is a track system designed for horses that have Equine Metobolic Syndrome, Cushings, or simply need a “Jenny Craig Pen”

This paddock keeps them moving along a track system in order for them to meet their daily needs. They have hay, water, and shelter all at different ends of the track which keeps them moving throughout the day!

For our paddock paradise we strive to feed a low sugar hay in round bale form and on a 1″ hole sized net!

Rate: $655/MONTH + GST
Spots currently available: 0