Horses can only thrive when they:

Are part of a herd (social structure/roles, interaction)

Can feel safe (take turns resting, sleeping and playing)

Can freely move and run

Are relaxed and comfortable (sunning, mutual grooming, developed herd)

Can graze and be trickle fed 24/7

Here at DMC, we set the highest standards for the care and well-being of your horse. 
We will exceed your expectations by:

Having an on-site, experienced barn manager

Providing safe electric rope fencing

Having automatic waterers that are heated in the winter and cleaned weekly

Checking the horses frequently throughout the day and doing a late night check which allows us to notice subtle changes in behaviour and attitude

Providing top quality grass hay that gets tested, as well as access to daily grazing

Personalized de-worming (fecal tests determine which horses need to be de-wormed)

Manure composting and pasture management to minimize worm contamination

Horses fed from slow feed hay nets to reduce overeating and eliminate burrowing

Slow introduction for new horses over a fence line to minimize fighting and injuries

Personalized care programs for senior horses or horses in rehab/injury recovery