DMC stands for Don, Marlene, Cathie.

This is the family that founded this unique oasis for horses and people to come together. Because of the love and passion that Catherine Campbell had for animals, DMC has become a sanctuary for our 4 legged equine friends.

Cathie recognized her love for horses early in life. She went on to win numerous awards with her two show horses. One of her many wins was tying for 7th place in Working Cow Horse in a class of 49 competitors (mainly boys) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the World Junior Quarter Horse Finals. She continued this passion and motivation to help with the creation of DMC Stables. Cathie was determined to create a place for horses to thrive and people to create a loving community. 

We unfortunately lost Cathie in July of 2018, but her love, passion, and memory remains a strong presence at DMC. It is our main goal to carry out Cathie’s legacy and her vision for this barn. Her wonderful parents, Don and Marlene still frequent the barn to visit the boarders and horses.

Catherine Campbell